The Library has successfully relocated to its new Library and Computer Complex. From a library that originally sat a little over a hundred (100) students, the new library accommodates a total of 500 reader places and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities in support of learning and research. The library occupies the first two floors of the total complex. The facilities in the new Library Complex include the following:

Sections in the Library:

  • Serials Collection
  • Pocessing Corner
  • Discussion Rooms
  • Seminar Room
  • Posgraduate  Corner
  • Faculty Corner

Ground Floor:

  • Property Alcove (Bags Collection Section): Bags are not allowed in the Reading rooms of the library. As such, all bags and other personal belongings like umbrellas etc may be left at the property alcove which is at the entrance to the main lending section of the library.
  • Lending Section: This section is located on the ground floor of the Main library and offers a variety of services to assist users with reference and research enquiries.
  • Serials Collection: The Serials section houses all the hard copy journal collections as well as serials and periodicals acquired in the Library. Also available in this section are all the newspapers to which the Library subscribes. Students’ dissertations and government publications may also be accessed from this part of the library.
  • Processing Section: After the acquisition of library materials, they need to be properly processed to ease retrieval. In this part of the library, all newly acquired materials are stored and processed before being made available on our shelves for the use of Patrons. This section is restricted to library staff only.

First Floor:

  • Reference and Special Collection: in this section of the library, users are assisted with reference as well as general consultations. However, materials in this section of the library may not be taken out of the library. Also, in this section, the Library houses all its special collections for special programmes offered by the University. These include: Azusa, Adult Education, and Dynamic Treasure collections.
  • Faculty Corner: dedicated to the use of our Faculty members only.
  • Postgraduate Corner: As senior students, special priority is given to our Postgraduate students. This part of the library is therefore reserved for postgraduate students in the Reference Section to enable them research and learn in some privacy. There are individual study spaces with power points to enable the use of laptops. Since these study rooms are not intended for group study, students are encouraged to book Discussion Rooms for the purposes of group study.
  • Two Discussion Rooms: in line with the current trends, the WIUC library has made provision for discussion rooms to enable a group of three or more students to have discussions and study in the comfort of the library. This makes the library the most ideal place to study on campus. (Terms and conditions apply to the use of this facility).
  • Seminar Room: The Library recognizes the need to organize short instructions for Patrons from time to time on the use of the online databases available to WIUC through CARLIGH. In addition to this, the Library has identified the need to give bibliographic instructions to students to assist with their research work as well as their dissertations, as part of the information literacy programme. The Seminar Room offers the Library the opportunity to give such instructions without going out of the Library. When the Seminar room is not being used by the Library for training purposes, it may be made available for group booking.
  • Library Computer Corner:  The WIUC library subscribes to a number of electronic information resources, through its membership with the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana (CARLIGH). These online databases give our Patrons access to over 19,000 scholarly journals for research purposes. The Library Computer Corner gives the opportunity to Patrons to have access to these databases without going out of the Library.
  • Special area at Reference Section: This is a special place at the reference section which has been designed for flexibility and comfort to ensure that students can de-stress after a long period of learning.