Lecturer: Mr. Kingsley Cyril Mintah

E-mail: kcmintah@yahoo.com

Phone number: 0243 80 40 89


This course is structured to help students improve on and sharpen their reading and writing skills. The focus is to help students write orderly and properly. Also students are to show good understanding of what they read and respond to text appropriately. The course is also designed to enable students improve on their language skills.  


At the end of the course, students should be able to:

1. Construct grammatically correct sentences

2. Use words effectively

3. Use correct punctuation and mechanics

4. Read with adequate comprehension

5. Select and present the core ideas in a given text

6. Understand the structure of the essay


1. The structure of a sentence

2. Faulty sentences

3. Subject-verb agreement

4. The single paragraph structure

5. Structure of  the Essay

6. Reading for main ideas

7. Vocabulary development

8. Punctuation

9. Summary




Session One Diagnostic Test

The structure of a sentence

Session Two Faulty Sentences

Subject-verb agreement

Session Three Paragraph

Session  Four Essay

Session Five Punctuations

Session Six Vocabulary Development

Sense Relations

Session Seven Comprehension


Session Eight Review of Course


Students are expected to attend lectures regularly and should not be more than 15minutes late to class. If for any reason a student will be absent from class, he/she should seek permission, or thereafter, provide documentary evidence to justify why he/she was not in class. Attendance will be taken regularly in class. 


Students, like the lecturer, are expected to be professional. Students are encouraged to promote a useful classroom period through orderliness and good manners, respecting each other and the lecturer. Students are expected to ask appropriate questions and participate freely in classroom discussions. Active and intelligent class participation will improve your understanding of the material while rendering the course interesting to and enjoyable for all concerned. Your oral and written participation in the class is very important.


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