• It is not possible to print entire articles by using the “print” button in your web browser.
  • To print an article click on the Print link supplied by Individual database.
  • Each database offers several printing options which allow you to    print articles in their  entirety. The default option is PDF:  High    Quality; however, you can change or set your preferences at    any time by following the on screen instructions.


  • To download a full article:
  • Click on the Download link – PDF/HTML
  • It is recommended to use the PDF High Quality option.
  • Click on the link and then you will be able to Print, Email or Save to Disk.

To download a list of article citations:

  • Click on Save citation link on your results page (this link is underneath each citation).
  • Click on View Saved Citations

Emailing Citations

  • To email your citations, select the Email citations link form the saved citations page
  • Once you reach the email form page, select the output format you desire (BibTeX, printer- friendly, citation-manager, or tab-delimited).
  • You will be asked to enter your email address, the email address of any recipients, and any notes you may wish to send along with your citations.

Saving Citations

  • To save your Saved Citation List to a local text file, select a format (BibTeX, printer- friendly, citation-manager, or tab-delimited) from the View and Save Citations option and then press the View button.
  • A window will open, with the citations in the selected format.
  • To save the citations to a local file, go to the File menu and select Save As. A new window will open, asking you where you would like to save your databases citations.
  • To  print  your  Saved  Citations  List  as  it  appears  in  your  browser,  select  the  Print command from your browser's File menu.


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E-Resources Searching tips adopted and modified from the University of Surrey Library