A simulation specialist from Concordia University in Michigan, USA is training students and faculty of Wisconsin’s School of Nursing how to use recently acquired state-of-art simulators – possibly the first of their kind in West Africa.

Mr. Oliver, Chief Simulation Specialist from Concordia University, is on a three-week visit to Wisconsin International University College, Ghana as part of an existing partnership between WIUC-GH and Concordia University.

Mr. Oliver is an expert in operating nursing skills simulators, or mannequins, which are three-dimensional transparent human models used for medical instructional purposes. The simulators can respond to various stimuli and mimic human emotions and actions.

“I am very excited to be here to work with staff, students and faculty at Wisconsin’s School of Nursing,” said Mr. Oliver.

“We (at Concordia University) are looking forward to the highly anticipated exchange program to ensure that students from both Concordia University and Wisconsin International University College, Ghana are exposed to best practice when it comes to nursing training.”

The School of Nursing has recently upgraded its Skills Lab, and will soon relocate its other operations to an ultra-modern multi-purpose office and classroom complex.

There are three programmes under the School of Nursing: BSc Nursing, BSc Community Health Nursing and BSc Midwifery.

The School of Nursing also runs an Access Programme through which Nurse Assistant and Nurse Assistant Preventive (NAC/NAP) certificate holders can enter the various degree programmes.

Diploma holders and Registered Nurses can also upgrade to a degree.