AGC 1: 1st Africa Graduate Conference

Wisconsin International University College - North Legon

Accra, Ghana, August 29-31, 2018

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Abstract registration deadline July 31, 2018
Submission deadline August 20, 2018

Topics: environmental sustainability managing business for sustainable development adult education for sustainable development

Does it really matter when the two words ‘theory’ and ‘practice’ are used in conjunction with each other? Indeed, does it matter at all whether researchers in the 21st century consider the congruence of theory and practice for the sustainable development of societies? Leaders of nations have been advancing the global sustainability agenda. This leadership is however entreated to see synergy as a tool and not as a threat in its quest for sustainable development. It is a leadership that should be willing to connect the dots between top-down and bottom-up approaches in policy formulation and implementation. There is therefore the need for graduate researchers to provide practical solutions to support the sustainable development agenda of such leaders.

Building on this agenda, the maiden edition of the Africa Graduate Conference 2017, seeks to unearth answers concerning the role of academia and the graduate research community in ensuring that theory becomes practicable in the 21st century for a sustainable development of Africa.

The conference will deliberate on issues regarding theories, frameworks, and empirical evidence on the conditions and tools for effective and sustainable development.

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts should be submitted as MSWord documents. Submissions should not be more than 4000 words including abstract, tables, figures, references and appendices. Double-spaced font size 12, Times New Roman.

Full paper submission should not be more than 10 pages including references.
Abstract: The abstract which is a brief summary of the paper should not be more than 250 words long and should give the essence of the paper (the background, problem, objectives, methodology, findings and implication).

Key Words: The key words used for indexing/abstracting may be included at the end of the abstract. Three to five key words may be listed.

List of Tables: List of tables, figures and abbreviations are to be provided on a separate page at the end of the paper.

Notes: Notes explaining points made in the body of the text should be indicated by numbering within the text and explained at the end of the main article just before the reference list. Explanations at the bottom of the page should be avoided.

Referencing: The American Psychological Association (APA) system of referencing should be used. All works consulted should be listed at the end of each article under the headline REFERENCES with authors listed alphabetically in the following order: surname, initials, year of publication, title of work, place of publication and publishing house.

Submission types: teaching case study, research paper, conceptual paper, literature review, practitioner paper.

1. Visit the WIUC Conference Website ( for conference information

2. Submit your paper through ( Receipt of submissions will be acknowledged via email within 72hours. There is a limit of one contributed submission per lead author.


The 1st Africa Graduate Conference welcomes submissions on but not limited to the following thematic areas:

● Business Finance in Africa
● The Cashless Economy for Sustainable Development
● Managing Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Africa
● Human Resources Management for Sustainable Development
● Intra-African Trade: Opportunities and Challenges
● Managing Projects for Sustainable Development
● ICT and the Digital agenda in Africa
● Marketing for Sustainable Development
● Accounting Practices for Sustainable Development
● Management Information Systems for Sustainable Development 

● Environmental and Water Resources Management
● Renewable Energies and GIS Technologies
● Corporate Environmental Management and Green Business
● Climate Change and Adaptation Practices
● Pollution Control Strategies
● Waste and Sanitation Management
● Mining and the Environment
● Biodiversity and Conservation Strategies
● Compliance and Enforcement of Environmental Legislation
● Pedagogical Strategies in Science and Environmental Education

● Informal Structures of Adult Education 
● Adult Literacy Initiatives.
● ICT in Adult Education.
● The concept of Distance Education for Adult learners 
● Adult Education and the Millennium Development Goals.


The conference will be held at WIsconsin International University College- North Legon, Accra


Conference Date: 15th – 17th August, 2018;    Research Seminar:     18th August, 2018

Online submission of abstract/paper    31st July, 2018
Notification of acceptance of Abstract  10th August, 2018
Online submission of final complete papers 20th August, 2018
Notification of Selected Papers for Special Edition of Wisconsin Journal  25th  August, 2018 


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